Collaborative working


Since the absorption of Education Leeds into the new and extended Children Services Directorate at the end of March 2011, some key members of staff responsible for the Standard have left. Currently there is much work taking place to secure the future of the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard (SLES).

Equality Leeds has a founding relationship with this hugely successful and nationally recognised Race Equality in Education Standard. Equality Leeds will be taking steps other community members as part of The SLES Community Scrutiny Team, which has been working with Education Leeds and now with Children’s Services to continue to develop the Standard nationally.

The SLES Community Scrutiny Team are a group representing parental and community interests in education. They have met with the new Chief Officer of the new Directorate, Nigel Richardson, and are currently involved in discussions to ensure the continuation of the Standard.

The members of this group are: Tony Stanley, Louise Crumbie, Patricia Farrell, Sandra Johnson, Arthur France, Dr Carl Hylton and since leaving Education Leeds, Rehana Minhas has continued her support for the scheme from a community position.

The SLES Community Scrutiny Team continues to benefit from the support of Maureen Baker the founder member of the original scheme.

Please contact the Equality Leeds office is you would like to learn more about the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard (0113 2438421)