About us

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General Membership

EQUALITY LEEDS is a membership organisation made up of a mix of organisational and individual members. At the Annual General Meeting this general membership elects an Executive Committee to be legally responsible for the organisation.

The Executive Committee

There are 12 people on the Executive Committee. They are all volunteers who become directors for company law and trustees for the purposes of charitable law. They appoint honorary officers from within the group at the first meeting after the AGM. There are honorary positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee are able to co-opt an additional 3 people with special skills as non voting members too.

The Executive Committee Members

Mr A. Naslas, Cllr G. Hussain, Dr S. S. Kalsi,

Mrs R. White, Mr S. Meer, Mrs E. Maloney,

Dr John Samuel, Sandra Johnson.

The Committee is legally responsible for the organisation and steers its services. They meet 6 times a year. If you are interested in joining the Executive Committee pleaseĀ  e-mail us.

Honorary Officers:

Chair Mr A Naslas

Treasurer Mrs R.White

Vice Chair Dr Sewa Kalsi

Secretary Mr T Stanley


The Director is the chief of staff. He is responsible to the Executive Committee and line managed by the Chair. He has responsibility for overall daily management of the organisation, its budgets, staff and projects.

Equality Leeds also currently employs one part time admin assistant.