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Who are we?

EQUALITY LEEDS or as we were formerly known as Leeds REC is a voluntary organisation and a registered charity (No.1000406) We are funded by charitable trusts and the local authority in the area.

Our objectives are to work towards the elimination of racial discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of differing racial groups.

What do we do?

We offer a variety of different services all designed to help us to meet our key objectives.

1. Policy Development

We will help organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to implement best practice policies that promote race equality. We provide advice on a whole range of practical issues including positive action, cultural diversity, legal obligations, race equality schemes and ethnic monitoring.

2. Public Education

Part of our role within the area is to raise awareness of race issues and implement appropriate strategies to prevent racial harassment and discrimination. We work with a variety of groups to help tackle racist incidents such as the community partnerships across the area.

3. Community Development

We can offer practical advice and assistance to black and minority ethnic led groups (Community, Voluntary and Faith) regarding development opportunities and funding. We also distribute useful information to groups through our e-mail network and can arrange training on a variety of issues. We also offer facilities for groups at a minimal charge including a meeting/training room, computers, e-mail and photocopier.

4. Casework

We offer a free, independent and completely confidential race discrimination/ harassment service, which includes representation at Employment Tribunals. If you think that you may of been discriminated against because of your racial origin then we can advise you on the best course of action and the merits of your claim.

Our Standards

Equality Leeds endeavours to provide an efficient, friendly and professional service to everyone who seeks its assistance. To this end we offer the following guarantees:

If you bring a case to our attention then we will keep the details confidential and will not provide any information to any outside individual or organisation without your express permission.

If you are not happy with our service then there is a complaints procedure that you can use.